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Martin Hill

Director, Producer & Story Finder

I started Autumn Films, an independent film production company, in 2017 after a 15-year career as a commercial photographer. Prior to that, I spent 10 years of my life serving Queen and Country with the Royal Marines. Something I’m still very proud of.

Mid 2016 was a watershed moment for me, where I knew I wanted to move in a direction from photography to filmmaking but didn’t know how to go about it. A chance FaceTime call with an old pal took me on a journey of storytelling and filmmaking!

Plucking up the courage and a real desire for adventure, I started a 4-month film school course with the US-based film production company Muse Storytelling. Based in Portland, Oregon it meant time away from the family at times but did change everything. These guys really gave me the confidence to explore my filmmaking ability. Have the power not to be afraid to fail (as long as you learn) and above all go out there to make amazing films that make a real difference.

At Autumn Films we work in small teams and sometimes I work alone depending on the size of the project. For larger projects, I use a bank of dedicated professionals, all under the guidance and brief of Autumn Films.

Damien Lovegrove

Director of Photography DP

Damien Lovegrove is considered by many to be one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers. Having had a glittering career at the BBC as a cameraman and lighting director spanning 14 years he left it all behind him in 1998 to become a full-time stills photographer.

For the past 20 years, Damien has traveled the world as a wedding and portrait photographer and is increasingly called upon as a lighting director and creative cameraman on video shoots. As an established presenter in his own right, Damien understands the nuances of video production.

Personal traits

“Interaction with creative minds fizzing with ideas excites me and I live for the fun creative moments. I’m also known to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine at the end of the day. I love to cook with passion and usually off-piste.”

Stephen May

Cameraman, Producer & Editor

Meet Stephen May, the charismatic cameraman who’s as vintage as the films he shoots. With a media degree from the esteemed “University of Pixels and Frames,” Stephen has a knack for capturing moments that transcend time. Some say he was born with a camera in his hand, but those who know him better believe it was probably a retro bowtie.

Stephen’s love for all things old isn’t just limited to his profession. While he has an undeniable soft spot for classic cars, especially his beloved Datsun (named Daisy, by the way), his passion for the past doesn’t end there. Every year, at the Goodwood Revival, Stephen is the dapper gentleman turning heads, not just with his camera skills, but with his impeccable vintage attire. From tweed suits to classic brogues, he’s the embodiment of yesteryears. He often jokes, “I was probably born in the wrong era, but at least I’ve got the wardrobe right!”

When he’s not behind the lens or showcasing his vintage fashion flair, Stephen can be found mingling at local car meets or at “Old Cars Anonymous” gatherings. Yes, he’s still that guy with the Datsun stories, but now, he’s also the one with tales of his Goodwood Revival escapades.

In a world constantly chasing the ‘new’, Stephen May stands out, reminding us of the charm of the past. Whether he’s filming, driving, or simply dressing up, he does it with a style that’s truly timeless. So, if you ever spot a sharply dressed man with a camera, capturing the essence of bygone days, give a nod to Stephen – the man who lives every day like it’s a classic.

Katie Hill

Executive Producer, Finance

Introducing Katie Hill, the unsung heroine behind Autumn Films and the better half (don’t tell Martin!) of its creator, Martin Hill. While Martin might be the face of the films, Katie is undoubtedly the force that keeps the reels rolling smoothly.

With a lifetime spent in education, Katie has perfected the art of managing chaos, be it a classroom of spirited youngsters or a film set in full swing. Her meticulous eye for detail and unmatched organisational prowess make her the linchpin of Autumn Films. It’s often said that if Katie were to take a day off, Martin might just find himself filming a documentary about lost film equipment!

But Katie’s talents aren’t confined to the world of films. When she’s not ensuring Autumn Films’ latest project is on track, she’s navigating the equally challenging world of British youth sports. Come rain or shine, you’ll find her zipping around in her trusty car, ferrying her two lads to football, rugby, or whatever the sport du jour is. And let’s not forget Molly, the family’s adored cocker spaniel, who, between you and me, might just be the most pampered member of the Hill household.

In true British fashion, Katie faces every challenge with a blend of grace, humour, and a touch of that classic British “keep calm and carry on” spirit. Whether she’s juggling film schedules, managing muddy football boots, or attending to Molly’s latest canine caper, Katie does it all with a smile and a cuppa in hand.

So, here’s to Katie Hill – the heart of Autumn Films, the queen of the school run, and the true star behind the scenes. Cheers, Katie! We don’t know how you do it, but we’re ever so grateful you do!

Kayleigh May

Marketing & Design

Enter Kayleigh, the freshest face at Autumn Films and, as the keen-eyed among you might have deduced, the infinitely more stylish half of the “Stephen & Kayleigh” duo. While Stephen might wax poetic about the charm of old cars and the allure of tweed, Kayleigh firmly believes that some things are better left in the past. In fact, offer her a ride in a vintage car and she’d likely respond with, “Only if it’s Uber-modern!”

Brought into the Autumn Films fold for her flair in design and marketing, Kayleigh is the one who ensures that while the films might be timeless, the branding is decidedly 21st century. Her love for storytelling is legendary; she can weave a narrative around anything, from the latest film project to why her coffee order is an allegory for modern life.

Now, while she might not share Stephen’s passion for all things vintage, Kayleigh does have a soft spot – and that’s for Ralph, her dashing cocker spaniel. Ralph, with his glossy coat and penchant for modern doggy treats, is very much Kayleigh’s kindred spirit. Together, they’re the embodiment of contemporary chic, often seen taking brisk walks, with Ralph leading the way and Kayleigh following, usually with a latte in hand.

In the world of Autumn Films, where tweed might be the unofficial uniform (thanks, Stephen!), Kayleigh stands out with her modern elegance and sharp wit. She’s the breath of fresh air, the dash of contemporary in a sea of classic, and the one who’ll politely decline a ride in an old car but will regale you with a story that’ll leave you in stitches.

So, raise your mugs (of artisanal coffee, of course) to Kayleigh – the design diva, marketing maestro, storyteller supreme, and Ralph’s favourite human. Welcome to the crew, Kayleigh! And remember, no tweed allowed! 😉🇬🇧