Business Growth Through Video Storytelling

Business Growth can be challenging to accomplish without knowing where you are going. Besides, how can you get there if you don’t have a roadmap to guide your journey? Learn why video content is so powerful for any business growth strategy.

Every successful business needs a well-planned marketing strategy to grow its company. However, times have changed in the past ten years, and what was working a decade ago may not be working now. If you are looking to quickly achieve business growth and increase brand awareness, hiring a video content creator is your best course of action. Here are 15 reasons why a video content creator can and should help you create great stories.

1. Show, Not Tell

Storytelling plays a vital role in business marketing practices. In marketing, we should show a story and not tell it. Text, images, ad copy, and written content are significant factors in a solid marketing plan, but they only tell one part of the business story. You’ll show the information you want to convey through a multifaceted approach to video marketing.

2. You Should Meet Potential Customers Where They Are

Customers can’t find your business if they don’t know about it. With the increasing popularity of online social media and video channels, you may be missing a golden opportunity to connect with potential customers if you aren’t using digital marketing for business growth. You can use video content to reach your clients where they are online.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the biggest obstacles for business owners to overcome, mainly if they are new to the game. Some brands have been around for so long that their brands are instantly recognizable, even by children, but new businesses don’t have that advantage. Showcasing your business through video marketing gives your brand a chance to stay competitive. 

4. Get More Leads That Convert

Video content creators know exactly how to target specific buyer personas in a visually appealing way. Targeting specific end-users with persuasive imagery is a proven way to find leads that convert.

5. Increase the Return on Your Investment (ROI)

When you hire a content expert, you don’t have to train them. You can tell them what you want, and they roll with it, saving your company time and money on training.

6. Go Viral With Video Content

Social media has made video ads one of the hottest new trends. Your brand becomes immediately memorable by creating an absurd, funny, quirky, or beautiful story. People are more likely to share a video with their friends and family than blogs, articles, or images. Your business is viewed as more desirable and professional at once if your video content goes viral.

7. Make the Most of Your Budget

Most content marketers already have the tools, hardware, and software to produce compelling copy and content, and you would need to purchase all of it and learn how to use it before getting started. Instead, you could hire an agency or an independent contractor to make video content on your behalf. It would still likely be cheaper than going it alone.

8. Reclaim Your Time

By hiring a video creator for your content, you can spend less time growing your business and more time operating it. Leave the marketing to the experts and spend time doing what you already know best.

9. Videos Are Thumb-Stoppable

To attract the right customers, you’ll have to keep their attention. By offering leads a chance to view videos, potential customers will have the opportunity to keep their eyes in one place for a few moments. With text alone, customers will likely stop briefly and then continue scrolling.

10. Videos Can Include a Subtle Call-To-Action (CTA)

We have all seen a CTA that screams and shouts at potential buyers to click now or to buy now. While those calls to action are worthwhile at later stages in the buyer’s journey, they don’t work as well in the beginning. When awareness is the goal at the top of your funnel, it is sometimes best to use a more subtle approach.

11. Videos Don’t Have Word Counts

In written content or ad copy, the amount of characters and words you can include is somewhat limited. With video content, you can pack a punch in 30 seconds without worrying about character limits.

12. Video Content Has Endless Possibilities

Video content isn’t as constraining as other types of content. In actuality, another reason why video content is so powerful is that the possibilities are virtually endless. You can tell your company’s story, highlight a customer experience, or craft a creative animation that is extraordinarily hilarious. Whatever your mind can create, video content can duplicate.

13. Creative Marketing Professionals Are Your Best Advocate

Not everyone has your best interest in mind, but it is not the case with video creators. In contrast, a content creator is on your side without fail and will push for your success time and time again. After all, their job security depends entirely on your prosperity.

14. Content Creators Are Naturally Inquisitive

Instead of brainstorming content ideas for hours on end, most content creators are inventive, curious, and chock full of ready-to-go ideas. For you, this means your customers will have their interest piqued by something they’ve likely never seen before, and you won’t have to come up with it on your own.

15. Visual Storytelling Sells.

It’s a fact!