Telling the story of Dryad Gin

Sheila’s legacy

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Somerset Gin and it’s creation|Dryad Gin

When you take your first sip of Dryad gin, you are not just tasting a fine spirit – you’re stepping into the heart of a remarkable story. A story of resilience, life, love, and laughter. It is the tale of why Becky, Sheila’s dedicated daughter, decided to turn local botanicals into something utterly extraordinary, a gin as unique and welcoming as Sheila herself.

Sheila (She’ll to those who knew her well), our unforgettable matriarch, was a larger-than-life character whose impact reached far beyond the bounds of The Packhorse B&B she owned and ran in Allerford. She was a beacon of hospitality, radiating warmth and vivacity, with a ready smile that made everyone feel at home. Under her nurturing guidance, The Packhorse B&B wasn’t just a business, it was a haven for the weary, a place of merriment for the joyful, and a cherished home for her daughters, Liz and Becky, and granddaughter, Phoebe.

The tale of dry

The tale of Dry, Chiron & the Bountiful Blackbird borrows from She’ll’s indomitable spirit and love of mythology. She’ll would regale guests with her stories, evoking history with vivid tales of WWII in Bath, nights of ballroom dancing in the famous Pump Room, and the occasional mischief at the traditional baths. She lived life on her terms, teaching us all that even in the face of adversity, one can still find joy and make memories. This gin is a tribute to her boundless zest for life and an enduring testament to her fortitude.

Gin o’clock

She’ll was partial to a good gin and she never missed a chance to celebrate Gin O’Clock. Her love for this spirited beverage, combined with her unmatched ability to bring people together, inspired Becky to create a gin that encapsulates the essence of She’ll’s radiant personality and the mythology she held dear. Each element in Dry, Chiron & the Bountiful Blackbird gin has been thoughtfully chosen and sourced locally, echoing the strong sense of community that She’ll fostered at The Packhorse B&B.

Raise a glass

In our hearts, She’ll will always be the one to propose a toast with a gin-filled glass. So, as you raise a glass of Dry, Chiron & the Bountiful Blackbird gin, know that you’re not just enjoying an exquisite drink, but also paying homage to an extraordinary lady who lived life to its fullest and continues to inspire us all. At The Dryad Inn, each gathering, each laugh shared, each toast raised is a testament to She’ll. And, we believe, somewhere beyond those pearly gates, she’s leading the party, gin in hand, joining us in every toast and every celebration. Because that’s the way She’ll would have loved it.

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