Motivational video production

Motivational Videos with story at it’s heart

Patient stories as motivational videos

Patient stories

At Autumn Films, we create motivational videos used by small and large companies to inform, engage and motivate teams. With clients such as Medtronic and Bausch + Lomb, our motivational videos are seen at conferences worldwide. They are the perfect complement for team training and conference events. A motivational film can really lift any audience.

Inspire your entire team with motivational films

As a video marketing service our motivational videos are aimed at team members to highlight what a fantastic job they are doing and what a positive impact they are having on clients. The healthcare sector in particular really benefits from patient stories as motivational videos. It’s essential for team members who often don’t have face to face client contact to understand the effect their valued work is having on a broader audience.

Let your clients be the hero

These motivational films are all about making the client/customer/patient the hero of the peace. Autumn Films will work with your organisation to help identify the most powerful stories that will achieve your overall objective. We have a proven record because of our passion for creating inspiring stories. Our proven scientific storytelling process does capture audiences and produces results. We want your audience to feel something, be engaged, and be inspired.

You could hear a drop whilst the conference watched the patient stories (Becky medtronic comms team).

Do you have a critical conference or sales meeting and want to convey a specific message? Have you thought about creating an impacting film to help share your message? If yes to either of these questions, we’d love to hear from you. Either give us a call on 07789750561 or complete our online form.

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Do you have a corporate project you want to discuss with us? Get in touch today. The first step is to understand your company’s story and what you want to achieve with your video. We then develop a creative concept that will bring your story to life in an engaging and memorable way. Once the concept is approved, we move into production, which includes filming, editing, and adding finishing touches. Finally, we deliver the completed video to you, ready to share with your audience. Please get in touch below: