Online Storytelling – Podcast About Documentary Filmmaking with Mearns & Pike

Health care agencies are using online storytelling to better connect with their subjects, positively affecting marketing strategies and what they offer clients. The benefits of this powerful tool for business growth have been known since 2010, but only recently has it begun being taken seriously enough by these organisations who want nothing more than your money to make you healthier!

The podcast introduces the concept that online storytelling can be aligned to any business type, not just health care communications. The critical point is that you follow the science and storytelling and adapt it to your business. Storytelling, in my view, is the number 1 tool for authentic marketing and should be a significant part of your marketing strategy going forward.

Stories are the new currency in health care. They’re being used by agencies to better connect with their clients and positively affect marketing strategies and what they offer people- which is excellent news for all of us who want quality healthcare! I recently had a podcast on storytelling that you should check out if your company needs convincing (or even just some entertaining listening).

You can learn about Autumn Films’ approach to storytelling by using this link.

Watch & listen to this podcast with Mearns & Pike, where we talk about how storytelling can make you more successful online.