What is product marketing?

Bring in the human element of your product

Using story as your leverage to better consumer leads

What is Product Marketing? Product marketing is promoting, selling and distributing a product to customers. It combines advertising, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing.

The use of videos in product marketing is becoming a must. Videos are an effective tool for creating awareness about a product or service in the market. Story-led films can educate potential buyers about your products and services, showcase your brand personality and provide information about your products or services that would be challenging to communicate in words alone.

Think differently in your marketing approach

Have you thought about doing things with a different approach? Have you thought about trying to humanise your products and bring the human element to your marketing strategy? Pretty much every product is made to solve a human need. To make our lives that much easier. We believe that identifying that human need identifies an opportunity for a story about how that product affected that person’s life for the better.   

Using compelling stories in your product marketing is very powerful and will get you results. It has the power to connect audiences with your brand, product or message. It can create consumer loyalty towards your brand—a well-told story delving deep into the human element of a product. We mean the positive effects your product or service has on the individual by the human element.

Stories are proven to work

Every single business has a human impact. Every company has a compelling story to tell within its business/brand. It would be best if you had the courage and imagination to find the story in your business and share it. At Autumn films, we specialise in helping organisations identify stories within their business. We’ll do everything we can to understand your business, its key touchpoints, and what your company stands for. 

If you relate to any of the above, then we are on the same level, and you understand the power of storytelling in marketing. We know that making any film with us is to generate leads for your company. We offer a no-obligation chat about your business marketing needs.

How do films work with marketing funnels?

Marketing funnels are a critical part of marketing. They are the process by which a company can turn a visitor into a lead and convert that lead into a customer. Funnels exist in all industries and sectors, including education, healthcare, retail, finance, and more. The funnel is never-ending as it collects customer data to understand their needs better and wants. By creating and telling stories, your company will make a human connection with potential clients, and they will be far more inclined to reach out to you. Why? Creating an original film will inadvertently build trust and confidence around your organisation.

Our films can help with bringing fresh leads into your business, and subsequent films can help you convert your leads into loyal customers. For more information, contact us or call  on 07789 750 561.

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